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Perhaps what I love the most about Camellas-Lloret is the feeling of discovery and escapism. Hidden away behind high garden walls, from the sun drenched narrow street you enter into a dark hall lit from the side by a wonderfully lush secret garden.

There is a beautiful interplay between the inside and the outside. The walled garden that acts as the centre. A lush green room furnished with sofas, benches and dining space. Doors are left open to the outside realm. Music fills the place providing a wonderful backdrop to both quiet moments and engaging conversations. Glasses of rose find themselves to you.

Of corners, there are many to relax. Inside vintage linen covered chairs are surrounded by piles of magazines and books luring you to sit down and read, outside spacious lounging sofas sit amongst the hydrangeas, a velvety green sofa surrounded by pots and plants beckons you into the greenhouse, a benched terrace creates the perfect corner for evening wine listening to the charming noise of village life.

Annie and Colin share their space with guests, creating a place to relax, slow down and ultimately feel at home within. With Annie’s background in interior design and Colin’s passion for place, they’ve filled their home with pieces they’ve sourced from the local area, accumulated items that add to the character of the place as a home. A loving mix of French tradition and the past and personal identity, what Annie and Colin enjoy to be surrounded. It speaks of the way they understand the world. I am, without a doubt, one of many visitors who wished they never had to leave.


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Camellas-Lloret, 4 Rue de l’Angle, Montréal, Aude. France.











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