“Beyond their geometric definitions, corners are places to feel safe and at peace, they are places to dwell on private thoughts and memories.”


I’m a visual storyteller. A researcher, producer and visionary mind. Observant and mindful of the unassuming harmony in the real and raw things of life. Profoundly sensitive of visual details.

My background is in the visual arts, with an BA in Art History. I started working in curating and moved towards picture research and eventually photo direction.

Originally from England, I relocated to the creative city of Berlin 5 years ago. Working in creative fields I’ve enjoyed watching the city around me transform, corners changing.

My focus over the years has moved ever increasingly to all things green. From sourcing seasonal buds, to exploring for green spaces both inside and out. I love the new waves in floristry, the green renaissance of houseplants, and the stylistic changes informed through flowers and botany.

If you want to share some thoughts or just say hello, feel free to drop me a line: ofcorners@gmail.com


“In every dwelling, even the richest, the first task of the phenomenologist is to find the original shell. But the related problems are many if we want to determine the profound reality of all the subtle shadings of our attachment for a chosen spot. For a phenomenologist, these shadings must be taken as the first rough outlines of a psychological phenomenon. The shading is not an additional, superficial colouring. We should therefore have to say how we inhabit our vital space, in accord with all the dialectics of life, how we take root, day after day, in a “corner of the world.”





Ways of Sitting by Emily King

The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard