Cafe Pförtner

Berlin May 2017

Set amidst artist studios and Berlin creativity in the old gatekeepers house of a former BVG repair shop, Cafe Pförtner is a beautiful find in an increasingly interesting pocket of Wedding. Focused on the flavours of seasonal ingredients and an Italian inspired simplicity, this cafe serves up a few daily specials, such as beetroot risotto with ricotta and spinach or duck salsiccia with carrot couscous and mint yoghurt. Everything is lovingly cooked and presented.



The place is charmingly cobbled together, in true Berlin style, with it’s rooms joining into an old BVG bus from the 70’s to create a truly unique dining experience. In summer it’s sun filled courtyard is surrounded by the buzz of artist studios, works in progress, canvas’ leaning on walls, random objects waiting to be claimed all adding to atmosphere.


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Originally serving the locals it’s now becoming a destination in it’s own right.

Cafe Pförtner, Uferstraße 8-11, 13357 Berlin.

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